Region 7 serves Atoka, Coal, Haskell, Latimer, and Pittsburg Counties. map
Stephanie Peters, RPC Region 7, 918.424.6301

Scott Welch, RPC Region 7, 918.760.4748

Brittney Cunningham, PFS Coordinator, 918.424.2709


The RPC priorities for Region 7 include

  • Underage drinking in Pittsburg County (strategies- social host advocacy)
  • Non-medical use of prescription drugs, specifically safe storage and disposal, in Atoka County
  • SPF-SIG priority: Non-medical use of prescription drugs, specifically safe storage and advocacy, in Pittsburg County


For more information about substance abuse prevention please visit Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, or

With partnerships between the ABLE Commission, McAlester city manager, McAlester Police Department, Pride in McAlester, Atoka County-INCA Community Services, and Atoka County Health Department, we are achieving substantial change.

Region 7 Services- (available to entire region)

Alcohol Compliance Checks (ACC)

With the help of area youth, RPCs ensure that local retailers are responsible with their alcohol sales through alcohol compliance checks (ACC). With the aid of law enforcement, ABLE officers, and the RPC, underage youth attempt to purchase alcohol. If the retailer completes a sale, they are subject to a fine, ticket, or incarceration.

Reward Reminder Visits (RRV) Tobacco compliance

Reward Reminder Visits ensure local retailers follow tobacco sales laws.  These visits serve to either reward a retailer for refusing a sale, or to remind them of the laws and regulation and offer a chance to answer questions and address any concerns. With the aid of RPC staff, underage youth attempt to purchase tobacco products. If the purchase is successful, the RPC staff meet with the retailer to discuss tobacco laws and ways to improve the retailer’s compliance.

Responsible Beverage Service & Sales (RBSS) training

Your RPC along with an ABLE officer will conduct multiple trainings throughout the year to area employers and employees of restaurants, bars, and wineries. Please fill out the form below to request training.